Weight loss is all about the food?

fitbitI have been wearing my Fitbit consistently over the past week and one thing has really jumped out at me as I look at my statistics.

If you look at the two screenshots above you can see that no matter if I have an terrible day or a kick-butt day, I saw only 90 calorie difference in the calories burned!

How crazy is that!  I had some idea that food had far more impact than exercise on weight loss but seeing in black and white (or teal and orange) like this is mind boggling.

As I started researching I came across this great article by Dick Talens where he explains this phenomenon.  Here are a couple of tidbits which I found interesting:

Most of the calories we spend in a day we do so without even getting out of bed:wlbed

Here he says spend more time in the kitchen prepping your food and cooking and, whatever you do, make sure you can sustain it.wlquote

I enjoyed these tips because they encourage us to be practical.


Obviously the gym and exercise are supremely important to HEALTH so I enjoyed this:


The Fitbit is definitely getting me up and walking and taking the stairs.  So I think for now I will just ignore the calorie bit, what do you think?

Self care – What the hell is it?


We’ve moved into the new/old house and so far it’s been great.  We are closer to work and daycare, the backyard is huge, my bathroom while smaller has a bigger shower and the house is mostly carpeted which makes it easier for the kids to rip through the house and chase or be chased.  Who doesn’t love that?

Now that we are here, we should have more time to exercise which was a big pro when we were thinking about whether to move. Now we actually have to put this pro into place and do it!  Last night I got on the elliptical for 10 minutes which I considered a major victory.

Exercising is something I think is important to my self care so I started contemplating self care and what it actually is.  This is a tough one and has perplexed me for quite a while.  I think what I am realizing is that it’s going to be different for each person and we each really need to sit down and do some hard thinking about what our own self care looks like.  Here are some of the questions I considered:

  • What do I care about?
  • What do I find fun?
  • What brings me peace?
  • What can I do to lighten up my schedule, slow things down?
  • What can I do that will make me feel proud?
  • What activities or scenarios make me happy to do or imagine?
  • What gets in my way and how can I plan around the obstacles?

The wheel at the beginning is also a good place to start.  So I sat down and made my list today, I really gave it some thought and I think I have a promising list.  One thing on the list was post to this blog so I’m starting with this ONE THING to get me going.

What will you include on your list?

Weekly Weigh In – Self Love


I’ve been working on normal eating for over six years now.  I started the journey hoping to uncover the reasons behind my urgency to eat and I have gotten that and so much more.  I guess that’s the way it is with therapy, you start with vanity and in the end, find yourself.

Lately I’ve been struggling, though, and feeling anxious about it.  I thought it might help for me to go back through my notes and “relearn” from the beginning.  Remind myself where I started and all the things I learned along the way.  I feel like going back through will really help solidify the lessons and hopefully build my strength for the next leg of this journey, whatever that might look like.

One ah-ha moment I had early on was learning that listening to my body is a form of self love.  When I eat when I’m not really hungry and stuff myself full of food I am ignoring the signals of my body and cutting into my self worth.  I don’t feel proud when I do this, I feel shame.  So in listening to my hunger signals, as hard as that can be sometimes, and honoring them, I am showing myself love.

When I read this and really let it sink in, it felt so right.  It has kept me from overeating SO many times and also pushed me to wait just a little longer to eat until I truly felt hungry.  Every single time I do this, I feel like it builds my confidence in myself and my ability to make actual change in my life.  It was revolutionary, really.

Each week I will pull something out of the old journal and share it here.  I believe it will help me get out of this big rut!

What have you learned that really makes a big difference to you?


Wednesday Weigh In

12Happy Halloween Wednesday!

My weight loss journey is slow but it’s trending in the right direction!  I have lost 12 pounds since I starting becoming uber concious of my body and my intake.  It’s exciting that it’s working!  I think, like so many people, I don’t really trust those first 10 lbs, maybe it’s just a fluke.  Now that it actually seems real I am feeling really happy and proud of my progress.  This is mostly because I had it in my head that it was never going to happen.

That being said, this is the time when I fall into that nasty trap of overeating again and watching the scale go up again.

I read in this amazing book (I am seriously in love with Brene Brown) that “we cannot selectively numb emotions.  When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions”.

This was profound to me and it made me wonder…when I have positive feelings about losing weight, maybe they trigger the same urge to numb as “bad” feelings.  Therefore I eat to comfort myself and undo all of my hard work and get myself looped back into the diet cycle.  I’m not sure it completely made sense but it’s something to ponder.

Bringing this possibility out will help me recognize it if it happens which is the first step toward change, right?  As Brene says, once you see a pattern, you can’t unsee it.  It’s like when you buy a new car and then you start seeing the same car all over the road 🙂


Low table obsession

Ever since I thought of the idea of doing a low table to eat dinner with the kids it’s become an obsession and I’m driving my husband crazy.  I looked around for some ideas on Pinterest and found these beautiful tables:

This one makes me want to live in the country:


I love the colors in this picture.


Don’t you just love twinkle lights?


This one is so dreamy…


I love this table and I really think I could make it!


Although I would love to make my own I think it will be hard to get it done with these babies running around.  For time’s sake I went looking on Craigslist for something I could modify and I found something!

The table should be waiting for me when I get home today, I’m very excited!  Once I see it I will figure out the best way to modify it.  I hope reality matches my imagination on this one.

Wednesday Weigh In – My favorite snacks!

photo (2)

I’ve been rocking it with the elliptical!  The other night I was bone tired.  I got on and did NOT want to keep going.  About two minutes in I was feeling so much more energy and ended up having my longest workout yet.

The scale is down and I’ve been doing well listening to my body, waiting to get hungry before eating and eating enough to satisfy but not get full.

I made this lasagna for lunch this week and it has been AH-mazing.  I’ve been trying to keep the carbs low-ish and healthy and here are some of my favorite snacks:

  • celery and hummus (the celery is crunchy and juicy and doesn’t interfere with the hummus taste at all.
  • apple and peanut butter (this gives me a little pb fix while also slowing the sugar into my bloodstream)
  • shrimp cocktail (I take it out of the freezer so by the time I eat it at lunch it’s defrosted but super cold and refreshing)
  • cheese sticks (so easy and delicious)
  • spaghetti squash w/sauce (cut an X, pop it into the microwave for 15 minutes and voila! a base for any type of sauce.  I’ve done a peanut thai sauce and spaghetti sauce and I’m dying to try this one.  The kids love to eat it too!)
  • tuna with crackers (a little smelly but so filling and scrumptious!  I put celery in there for some crunch and I loved it)
  • half a sandwich (good ‘ol standby.  I double the meat for a protein kick)
  • protein pancakes (we found this brand we love.  I made a bunch on Sunday and threw them into some ziplocks for the week.  Top with ricotta and jelly!)
  • graham crackers and pb (I dip these in hot tea.  It’s indulgent but just what I need when I want some comfort food)
  • mexican bowl (take any meat, throw in some taco sauce, quinoa, black beans, sour cream and guacamole and you’ve got a lean mean meal!)
  • yogurt (we get the fage with the fruit on the side.  It’s so nutritious and delicious, it’s a great breakfast or sweet snack in the afternoon)
  • carrots and ranch (again a little indulgent but I’m getting some veggies so I figure, it’s a win win!)
  • cottage cheese (I eat this straight but am going to try it with fruit soon.  It’s a great protein rich snack!)
  • guacamole with corn chips (this is a great post-workout nighttime snack!)

Now that I look back this is a pretty good list!  I am going to try something new this week and will report back next week with some additional options!

Family Meals – Sitting together


I’ve noticed that the kids really don’t want to sit down to dinner with us.  Many times my hubby and I eat alone at a boring table without any ceremony, my daughter sits in her high chair for a little while and then wants OUT, and my son wants to sit in front of the TV and eat (which REALLY worries me).

I had an idea that we should bring in a low table and some firm pillows and eat Japanese style on the floor!  I am excited to try this concept and see how the kids react.  I would love for us to be able to eat in peace, no TV, and the kids could walk around and get up and down as they please.

We’re always trying to get the kids to do like we do, when maybe we can find harmony if we meet them at their level.  I’ll report back and let you know how it goes!


My 50th Post – Wednesday Weigh In and Nerdist Wisdom


It’s my 50th post y’all!

I haven’t been active for the past two weeks and I’m happy to be getting back to the blog.  I was feeling pretty blue and when I started writing again it really picked up my spirits.

I’m a big fan of Chris Hardwick.  He is the host of Nerdist and @Midnight and what I like best about him is how open he is about his emotional growth.  It makes me happy to hear him talk about his struggles in a light-hearted and funny way.  You can really hear the pain he was in and the hard work he’s done to get where he is today.

I was reading his book recently and he has a section on how important it is to have laser-like focus when reaching for your goals.  It got me thinking about my own lack of focus sometimes.  I get easily distracted by so many things because they are easier to do than work toward my goals.  Then frustration follows and I realize that my attention is just in too many different places and try to bring myself back to the major goals.

In some ways I feel like, well maybe that’s just how my journey is supposed to go.  But then I saw this:



This one really made me think.  I battle a little bit with the word “goals” but I think the point is there.  All of these distractions exist and it’s so easy to fall into this trap of surfing the web or looking at all the various social media outlets rather than focusing my attention on something that is harder than that, even though it will ultimately bring me more happiness and satisfaction.

Which brings me back to writing this blog and honoring a promise to myself to keep coming back every day to share my thoughts here.

As far as my Wednesday Weigh-In updates, here they are:

  • I haven’t been listening to my body nearly as much as I want to and the food I’ve been putting in is hit or miss.  I want to get back on track here.
  • We got an elliptical and I’ve worked out twice!  Amazing how out of shape I am right now.  I am also gearing back up with stair climbing and wearing the fitbit.  My two week break pretty much extended to almost everything.
  • I haven’t been doing my EFT but I am getting back to that as well.
  • My weight has been steady, maybe up a tiny bit.
  • I got my health assessment done at work and everything was good except for my weight and BMI.  Working out, eating well, taking care of myself, eating more healthy fats, those are on my plan of action.

I’m happy to be back!

Wise words from Joan Rivers

075f030cf872128e6d006c977e3a2392If you couldn’t tell, the Friday picture was my first attempt at a project in Photoshop.  I have been trying to teach myself Illustrator and Photoshop through youtube videos and it is tough!  But I had fun making this portrait out of words of Joan Rivers in honor of the great comedienne who had a pretty tough but pretty amazing life.

The words were lyrics from songs others performed at her funeral ceremony.  I was especially touched by the Charlie Chaplin song “Smile”, I would not have made it through that without blubbering uncontrollably.

I watched her documentary “A Piece of Work” yesterday and it was wonderful with some sweet moments and some not-so-sweet moments.

One thing that stood out to me was a moment when she yells at someone in the audience who is heckling her, telling her the act isn’t funny (she’s talking about deaf children).  It got me thinking about the old adage “you are only as sick as your secrets”.  What I took away was that our emotions can control us if we don’t release them.

And in releasing them, we can try to find the humor and joy in them.  I think this rings true especially for eating issues.  Even just acknowledging that things are hard, sometimes I’m unhappy, sometimes it’s just a bad day and it’s okay not to smile.  That acceptance and even love for my emotions allows me to let them out.  And I usually feel better right away, or at the very least, tomorrow.

It’s in trying to deny the emotions, pretend they aren’t there, fearing even admittal to ourselves that they exist, that causes the most pain.

Thank you, Joan, you will be missed.

Have a twinkly weekend



This weekend  I plan to make some chipless chocolate chip cookies and spend some time with my friends and family.  I’m hoping to take lots of pictures and videos of the kids, I feel like I haven’t been taking enough.

What are you up to?