Tentative move in date

I heard back from the property manager and we’ve got a tentative move out/move in date of May 1.  We were hoping to have at least a week to get in there and do some cleaning and painting before we moved back in but it all depends on how flexible OUR property management company is about our move out date.

I have to say, it will be nice to go from working with TWO property management companies to none.  I always thought renting was the best, and I still appreciate how flexible renting is, but I am looking forward to getting back to a place I own and I hope that after we sell this place that we get to move into another home we own, hopefully someplace we love and stay for a while.

When I think of the houses I would love to live in, I dream of a bungalow or a cottage or a craftsman home.  Something not too big with a beautiful front porch, foliage all around and little architectural nooks and crannies inside where I could hide with a good book for hours.

home1 home2 home3

This is the home my husband grew up in.  It didn’t have the dormers back then or the same landscaping in front but it was beautiful and in the most amazing neighborhood, the John Hughes neighborhood:


We’ve got a lot of work to do but I think we can get there.

Moving back in!


After lots and lots of thought, and some pushing by finances, we have decided to move  back into our old house.  It’s not in the neighborhood we want to live in but it’s ours and we have to get back in there, refinance and finish what we started when we moved in.

I’m excited for the change and for the opportunity to fix it up so that we can eventually sell it.  It is small but has a huge backyard and, I think, lots of potential.  I plan to make small changes as we go that will hopefully have a big impact on the feel of it inside.  I have already started looking in Pinterest for ideas and plan to take lots of before and after pictures.

Unfortunately we have to ask tenants to move out before we can move in and it’s been their home for some time now.  I would guess that it will take them some time to find a new place and pack up to leave.  I’m sorry to have to do that but the banking industry dictates on this one.

This decision is part of a larger plan we have to pay off ALL of our debt within a two year period.  We have the plan laid out and have made drastic changes to our spending habits already.  This feels like a last chance, in a way, to get it together financially so that our kids can benefit from our financial skills and not make the same mistakes we did.  Famous last works, I know.