Wednesday Weigh In

12Happy Halloween Wednesday!

My weight loss journey is slow but it’s trending in the right direction!  I have lost 12 pounds since I starting becoming uber concious of my body and my intake.  It’s exciting that it’s working!  I think, like so many people, I don’t really trust those first 10 lbs, maybe it’s just a fluke.  Now that it actually seems real I am feeling really happy and proud of my progress.  This is mostly because I had it in my head that it was never going to happen.

That being said, this is the time when I fall into that nasty trap of overeating again and watching the scale go up again.

I read in this amazing book (I am seriously in love with Brene Brown) that “we cannot selectively numb emotions.  When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions”.

This was profound to me and it made me wonder…when I have positive feelings about losing weight, maybe they trigger the same urge to numb as “bad” feelings.  Therefore I eat to comfort myself and undo all of my hard work and get myself looped back into the diet cycle.  I’m not sure it completely made sense but it’s something to ponder.

Bringing this possibility out will help me recognize it if it happens which is the first step toward change, right?  As Brene says, once you see a pattern, you can’t unsee it.  It’s like when you buy a new car and then you start seeing the same car all over the road 🙂


Halloween Love


Cute Halloween footprint art for kids, toddlers and babies. It’s fun to see their foot size grow through art!

Every holiday I like to do footprint art with the kids.  It’s fun to see how their foot size changes through time.  I don’t always get it done but this year I managed to pull off a Halloween craft!

I did the basic footprint (Charlie’s is huge!) with white paint on black paper and then took them and made them into two different decorations.

I have some work to do on my photography but I thought they came out pretty good!


Cute Halloween footprint art for kids, toddlers and babies. It’s fun to see their foot size grow through art!

We also managed to carve a pumpkin last night and toast the pumpkin seeds…yum. We may be a little sick around our house but we’re trying to enjoy the holiday season!

Big Bear Lake, California

We took a really wonderful trip to Big Bear Lake, California to visit a very old friend and meet her new little one.  The town was absolutely adorable and all decorated for the fall.  It was warm during the day but cool at night so we could sit outside all bundled up and have a glass of wine after the kids nodded off.

It was nice to get out of town for a few days and not think about anything but eating and drinking and being merry.

Here are a few pictures from our trip:


Playgrounds are always fun.  I got this great shot of him coming down the slide.



This bear never ceased to be amazing, it was a hit with Isla.


There was a scarecrow competition going on, I told him to put some straw in his teeth. 🙂



They were completely perplexed and in love with this rare find. They kept asking for coins so they could make a call.15522629205_3cbdc09df2_z

Beautiful view.  The guys got along so great.  I wonder what they are talking about…

We had a wonderful time!  I highly recommend visiting if you get a chance, winter or summer!

PS The drive was about 6.5 hours which was longer than we thought but we got the new Kindle Fire which was great entertainment for the toddler.  I highly recommend it as an option for kids because you can DOWNLOAD from Amazon Prime…amazing.

Super easy mom hair


I recently got my hair cut and colored and I was asked how often I wash my hair.  My answer: every few days (which she was thrilled about).  I didn’t tell her that it’s only because I can’t find the time to do it more often with two little babies at home!

She was surprised to find out the secret to keeping my hair fresh which is… Continue reading

Dax Shepard Interview – So funny and endearing


I have always liked Dax Shepard and this interview on Nerdist with Chris Hardwick did not disappoint.  He has such sweet things to say about his wife, Kristen Bell, and shares about his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse and why he loves Bill Murray so much.  They both had me laughing out loud at work.



A chance encounter

I was coming off the elevator in my building yesterday and walking by me right at that moment was a familiar face from my past.  It took me a few beats to register his face, realize it was, in fact him, and then call his name.

Continue reading

Words that stick


I keep thinking about the above quote.  I have so many things I WANT to do and that are in the works but nothing has come to fruition.  Sometimes it feels like I take two steps forward and three steps back.  Sometimes it makes me want to cry.  Sometimes I want to give up.  And then I think about this quote.  And it helps me keep going.  What if I am?  What if I am almost there and I give up right before a dream comes true?

So I take a deep breath and keep on working.

Have an extraordinary weekend (without even trying)

photo (3)


What are you up to this weekend?  I am going to a baby shower and bought this as the gift.  I haven’t taken mine off since my son was born over three years ago!  It has helped me stay sane, plus I love the color.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links from around the web:

I can’t wait to see the skeleton twins movie

Nobody knows who sings this song!

I couldn’t stop reading this list, and hope to someday feel #14

Isn’t this headboard so lovely and romantic

I’ve been dreaming of getting these shoes to wear with jeans…why don’t I do it??

The cutest Halloween footprint art!

Angling for this electric tea kettle for a Christmas gift, wouldn’t it be so sweet in the kitchen?

What writers can learn from Goodnight Moon and another favorite bedtime book

An interview with Manhattan’s creator Sam Shaw (we’ve been addicted to this new WGN show!)

Hilarious scared faces in a haunted house (I loathe them and my husband loves them!)

Low table obsession

Ever since I thought of the idea of doing a low table to eat dinner with the kids it’s become an obsession and I’m driving my husband crazy.  I looked around for some ideas on Pinterest and found these beautiful tables:

This one makes me want to live in the country:


I love the colors in this picture.


Don’t you just love twinkle lights?


This one is so dreamy…


I love this table and I really think I could make it!


Although I would love to make my own I think it will be hard to get it done with these babies running around.  For time’s sake I went looking on Craigslist for something I could modify and I found something!

The table should be waiting for me when I get home today, I’m very excited!  Once I see it I will figure out the best way to modify it.  I hope reality matches my imagination on this one.