Big Bear Lake, California

We took a really wonderful trip to Big Bear Lake, California to visit a very old friend and meet her new little one.  The town was absolutely adorable and all decorated for the fall.  It was warm during the day but cool at night so we could sit outside all bundled up and have a glass of wine after the kids nodded off.

It was nice to get out of town for a few days and not think about anything but eating and drinking and being merry.

Here are a few pictures from our trip:


Playgrounds are always fun.  I got this great shot of him coming down the slide.



This bear never ceased to be amazing, it was a hit with Isla.


There was a scarecrow competition going on, I told him to put some straw in his teeth. 🙂



They were completely perplexed and in love with this rare find. They kept asking for coins so they could make a call.15522629205_3cbdc09df2_z

Beautiful view.  The guys got along so great.  I wonder what they are talking about…

We had a wonderful time!  I highly recommend visiting if you get a chance, winter or summer!

PS The drive was about 6.5 hours which was longer than we thought but we got the new Kindle Fire which was great entertainment for the toddler.  I highly recommend it as an option for kids because you can DOWNLOAD from Amazon Prime…amazing.


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