Do you “should” yourself?

I read one of Karen’s latest blog posts about how we move forward.  I tend to push myself forward (you should do this, you shouldn’t do that, you need to, etc.) and I can feel the negative reaction in my body to hearing those words.

I do much better when I see something or think of something I want, and I go forward with excitement and eagerness.

There is a clear difference!

I have been making an effort to eliminate the “should” and “need to” attitude, I even try not to use those words as she suggested.  I try to replace them with “I want to” and “I’d like to”.  It really does release the urgency and opens my mind.

It pulls me forward…

I am drawn to many things, I have gotten very curious, and I get bogged down when I start to “should” myself.

Do you “should” yourself?  Do you think it will be hard to eliminate that word from your vocabulary?

Wise words about living healthy

A quote from Karen Koenig in her blog post: What Does BMI Really Tell Us?

“What we can do to move toward health and longevity you already know how to do: eat mostly nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, reduce stress and improve at handling it, stop smoking, don’t overdo it with alcohol, have strong connections with others, and go out there and find pleasure and meaning in life. When you’re doing all of the above, you don’t need to know your weight or BMI because you’re living the most healthy lifestyle you possibly can.”

I want to read this every single day.