Toddler Tantrum Part II: What do I actually do and say?


I read somewhere that we send a message at least ten times a day that our toddler’s emotions are not okay with us.  Whether it be offering a cookie when they get upset or asking them to be quiet or relax.  Once I started thinking about it I realized I do it all the time.  I made a commitment to notice and try to allow my toddler to feel his full range of emotions, no matter how uncomfortable for me!  Read on to see how I do it.   Continue reading

Toddler Tantrum Part 1: What does he need from me?


We’ve been going through a lot of transition lately and it’s been really tough for my toddler (he’s a month and a half away from three years old).  This is such a tough age because there is no reasoning with them, they are a walking ball of emotion.  Mostly it’s sweet, kissy, cuddly emotion but when it goes bad, it goes really bad.

The hubby and I were really confused and unsure of how to handle it, not to mention frustrated and at our wit’s end.  So this is what we did…  Continue reading