Life is not a montage

I feel like I’m waiting for the musical interlude and for my life to magically change before my eyes.  That’s the way movies tell me that change happens.  But, of course, in my mind I know that is not true.  Wha?!?!?!

In face, change is PAINFULLY slow sometimes.  Other times, I mull over something for a long time and then change feels really fast but, in fact, I have to account for the mulling time.  I actually love it when this happens, though, because it usually feels really right.

I have to make my own montage.  It’s not going to be nearly as sexy or quick as what I’d see in a movie but I will know the change is happening.  That is what creates the calm inside of me.

My first big goal is to become a minimalist.  I have been reading this and this and I have been observing my life and realizing that I am never going to feel like I have space in my life for the truly important things until I clear out the extra clutter in my house.

I have two kids, I work full time, my husband works full time, and we spend our entire weekend cleaning and purchasing stuff for the next week.  At night we cook and clean and sleep.  We might even squeeze in something extra if all goes well with bedtime.

I don’t want to end up watching my kids move out of the house and realize I wasted all that time with them trying to simply keep up with everyday life.  I’d love a part-time job and I will be working toward that.  In the meantime, I will be clearing out the clutter.  I’m hopeful that some of the things I learn in these books and from observing my kids and my life will click for me.  My hope is that it begins to affect other areas of my life and help me feel more calm.

We shall see…

The Sweetest Boy and a New Business!


So I’m trying to start a business selling on Etsy and at local craft fairs.  I have wanted to do this for some time and I am hopeful I can learn enough to grow a business into a full time gig.  And I’m happy to say that I have finally begun!

I posted some bracelets that I make on Etsy and tonight I made soy candles!

I am feeling proud and excited and scared all at the same time.  So many worries but so much opportunity.

The very best part, though, was after I finished making the candles (flavored vanilla) my son gave me two high fives and a big kiss and came to look at my candles (he was very impressed).  Then my husband took him to bed and on the way I heard him sniff the air and say “Those candles are very yummy yummy in my tummy”.

My heart be still.

I love that kid.

Halloween Love


Cute Halloween footprint art for kids, toddlers and babies. It’s fun to see their foot size grow through art!

Every holiday I like to do footprint art with the kids.  It’s fun to see how their foot size changes through time.  I don’t always get it done but this year I managed to pull off a Halloween craft!

I did the basic footprint (Charlie’s is huge!) with white paint on black paper and then took them and made them into two different decorations.

I have some work to do on my photography but I thought they came out pretty good!


Cute Halloween footprint art for kids, toddlers and babies. It’s fun to see their foot size grow through art!

We also managed to carve a pumpkin last night and toast the pumpkin seeds…yum. We may be a little sick around our house but we’re trying to enjoy the holiday season!

Foggy weekend

IMG_6848A late night on Friday meant a screwed up schedule and grumpy cranky kids.  They would go from happy as a clam to screaming for nothing in 2.2 flat.  We did our best to keep it together and I even got some pretty cute pictures (we spent a lot of time in the nude as you can tell).

On Friday I read this amazing last article from a reporter who was dying of cancer and wrote a good-bye post.  It was so eloquent and touching I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  I am so sad I can’t find it right now but I will and I will post a link.

No matter how tough things got over the weekend I remembered her and changed my mindset to be thankful that I get to be alive through all the craziness.  Every moment is a gift and I will make a point to appreciate every single one.

Just a couple of pictures

14236866510_5b84278178_k 14700552798_0e29973c4e_k


I’ve been thinking about my littles all day long so this is a just a post of two adorable pics of them.  They make my heart swoon every day.

Isla’s been blowing kisses and saying “Bye”, “Mine” and “Mommy” and waving and clapping and shouting “Hurray!” when we sing Happy and You Know It.

Charlie’s turning into a very big boy.  He’s repeating difficult words and phrases just to see how they feel and sound coming out of his mouth.  He’s battling “mine” syndrome and winning, he’s been super sweet with Isla.  And his feet are ENORMOUS!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Toddler Tantrum: Best Tip Ever

photoWe’ve been dealing with the temper tantrums for a while now.  It’s definitely getting better as time goes on.  I’ve learned that one of the very best tactics to settle them down is  Continue reading