Spooky pumpkin balloons that glow at night

It’s almost Halloween! Since traditional activities are out my kids school is doing a spooky walk and is asking small groups to create booths.

I thought it would be fun to fill up orange balloons and make a booth full of light up spooky faces. They would move with the wind and, if allowed, we could give them to the kids so they’d all be walking around with them!

I had my idea, now for execution. I couldn’t find any info on google or Pinterest so I had to experiment.

I came up with three options: LED lights, glow stick and glow-in-the-dark tape.

You can see the results here. I used regular latex balloons. I did my best to photograph:

My three spooky pumpkin balloons!

Right away you can see the glow stick (middle balloon) wasn’t a contender. It’s brighter even in the picture than it was in real life and didn’t make the balloon glow at all.

The LED light (left balloon) was awesome. It made the whole balloon glow and I just drew on the face. It lasted all evening. The next day it was still on but dimmed. Bonus, if the balloon moved the light moved which made it look like it was flashing.

The glow-in-the-dark tape was definitely the spookiest! We all loved how it looked. It was very bright at first but over the course of two hours it dimmed. But it revived quickly with a 30-second charge from my iPhone flashlight.

In conclusion, the tape was spookiest for short term fun but the LED light is a better option for a longer term event.

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Love


Cute Halloween footprint art for kids, toddlers and babies. It’s fun to see their foot size grow through art!

Every holiday I like to do footprint art with the kids.  It’s fun to see how their foot size changes through time.  I don’t always get it done but this year I managed to pull off a Halloween craft!

I did the basic footprint (Charlie’s is huge!) with white paint on black paper and then took them and made them into two different decorations.

I have some work to do on my photography but I thought they came out pretty good!


Cute Halloween footprint art for kids, toddlers and babies. It’s fun to see their foot size grow through art!

We also managed to carve a pumpkin last night and toast the pumpkin seeds…yum. We may be a little sick around our house but we’re trying to enjoy the holiday season!

Have an extraordinary weekend (without even trying)

photo (3)


What are you up to this weekend?  I am going to a baby shower and bought this as the gift.  I haven’t taken mine off since my son was born over three years ago!  It has helped me stay sane, plus I love the color.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links from around the web:

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