Romance Movies Guys Don’t Hate

With Valentine’s Day coming up I asked my husband what romance movies he actually likes. Don’t get me wrong, he has watched MANY romance movies which may actually give him more credibility when it comes to his picks.

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You – Here’s what he had to say ‘It was a good movie’.
  2. Love Actually – We always watch this at the holidays but I think it can really be enjoyed during any winter month. Here’s what he said ‘It has a story for everyone…and some stories for no one.’
  3. Say Anything – I enjoy this more each time I watch it. He says ‘Early 90’s perfection. ‘I don’t have your Firebird keys’. So many quotable lines.’
  4. The 40-Year-Old Virgin – After we discussed this list he immediately rented this movie and watched it (half with me, half by himself.) ‘The most interesting relationships in the movie were among the guys. It’s really about him becoming a person, not just losing his virginity. And Elizabeth Banks is the funniest person in the movie.’
  5. The Princess Bride – This is a classic. Valentine’s Day is a good time of year to bring it out. ‘This movie teaches you when to say ‘As you wish…’ Also proof that ROUSs exist.’
  6. High Fidelity – We clearly like John Cusack. He says, ‘I mean, Jack Black. And the comeback of Lisa Bonet.’

So, there you have it, a few movie options for this lovely holiday. I also love all of these movies…maybe for different reasons than he does.

Spooky pumpkin balloons that glow at night

It’s almost Halloween! Since traditional activities are out my kids school is doing a spooky walk and is asking small groups to create booths.

I thought it would be fun to fill up orange balloons and make a booth full of light up spooky faces. They would move with the wind and, if allowed, we could give them to the kids so they’d all be walking around with them!

I had my idea, now for execution. I couldn’t find any info on google or Pinterest so I had to experiment.

I came up with three options: LED lights, glow stick and glow-in-the-dark tape.

You can see the results here. I used regular latex balloons. I did my best to photograph:

My three spooky pumpkin balloons!

Right away you can see the glow stick (middle balloon) wasn’t a contender. It’s brighter even in the picture than it was in real life and didn’t make the balloon glow at all.

The LED light (left balloon) was awesome. It made the whole balloon glow and I just drew on the face. It lasted all evening. The next day it was still on but dimmed. Bonus, if the balloon moved the light moved which made it look like it was flashing.

The glow-in-the-dark tape was definitely the spookiest! We all loved how it looked. It was very bright at first but over the course of two hours it dimmed. But it revived quickly with a 30-second charge from my iPhone flashlight.

In conclusion, the tape was spookiest for short term fun but the LED light is a better option for a longer term event.

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!!

One question that is keeping me sane right now

The news is disturbing. It’s hard to read, sometimes, and I find myself avoiding it more than before. I feel powerless a lot of the time.

Recently I stumbled on a great YouTuber called Struthless. He’s kind of punk and very creative and really talented. In this video he shares 5 questions that changed his life. They are all great but the one I keep thinking about is ‘How is the worst thing that ever happened to you the best thing that has ever happened to you?’

It echoes a lesson I learned long ago which is that something good comes from something bad comes from something good, and on and on. If you think of any example in your life, it’s most likely true. So when things get really confusing or tough, I think about what I am supposed to be learning right now.

As a society, I think we are learning that being a citizen requires us to be engaged, to learn about our government and politics and to understand that it is fragile and could be taken away. We must fight, and we do that by voting, however we can. Many have fought before us, this is our time. Something good can come from this, we must make it happen.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

One thing that brought joy to my 9 year old son before school starts

There’s a lot changing this school year. We will start school all online and it’s going to take a lot of getting used to. We aren’t sure what the day will look like, how we will manage work and school, and where we are all going to zoom at the same time.

Anxiety is building a bit with my grade schoolers, my 9yo son in particular. He’s worried he won’t wake up in time for class because our schedule has been so off this summer (mom-fail on keeping that sweet, sweet 9pm bedtime).

So we talked about a strategy to help him wake up in time. It included getting him an alarm clock that projects the time onto the ceiling so he can easily see it in the dark.

After I set it up I brought him into his room and shut the door with the lights off and you’d have thought it was his birthday! Big smile on his face and doing a happy dance. I have to admit, it is pretty cool. Now I kind of want one.

The strategy is:

  • Figure out how much sleep he needs (borrowed mom’s fitbit for that one)
  • Set our wake-up time
  • Count backward to figure out what time we need to go to bed to get enough sleep
  • Go to bed at that time (thank you projection alarm clock!)
  • Set alarm for wake-up, just in case

It’s simple and seems to be making him feel better. We’ll have a lot of challenges this year. For now I was happy to help put a smile on his face.

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

Life is not a montage

I feel like I’m waiting for the musical interlude and for my life to magically change before my eyes.  That’s the way movies tell me that change happens.  But, of course, in my mind I know that is not true.  Wha?!?!?!

In face, change is PAINFULLY slow sometimes.  Other times, I mull over something for a long time and then change feels really fast but, in fact, I have to account for the mulling time.  I actually love it when this happens, though, because it usually feels really right.

I have to make my own montage.  It’s not going to be nearly as sexy or quick as what I’d see in a movie but I will know the change is happening.  That is what creates the calm inside of me.

My first big goal is to become a minimalist.  I have been reading this and this and I have been observing my life and realizing that I am never going to feel like I have space in my life for the truly important things until I clear out the extra clutter in my house.

I have two kids, I work full time, my husband works full time, and we spend our entire weekend cleaning and purchasing stuff for the next week.  At night we cook and clean and sleep.  We might even squeeze in something extra if all goes well with bedtime.

I don’t want to end up watching my kids move out of the house and realize I wasted all that time with them trying to simply keep up with everyday life.  I’d love a part-time job and I will be working toward that.  In the meantime, I will be clearing out the clutter.  I’m hopeful that some of the things I learn in these books and from observing my kids and my life will click for me.  My hope is that it begins to affect other areas of my life and help me feel more calm.

We shall see…

Looking up

at_last_i_see_the_light_by_jucylucyinspired-d3dzldyI know when I’m getting bogged down in my own head or going through a rough patch mentally because my postings tend to fall off.  Lately I’ve been going through a bit of a career identity crisis.  I’d like to post about it here so I’m trying to collect my thoughts into some coherent topics so I don’t ramble incessantly.

In the meantime, I’m feeling a little lighter and will get back to posting things that speak to me.

I discovered this great list of 9 things professional organizers do every day.  Shockingly I do about 75% of these (ish)!  Although many of them are recent habits and I have to say, it makes a big difference, especially those neverending dishes.

Art by Pinkie Perfect

A Quiet Room

IMG_6478My office has just opened a Quiet Room.  It has comfortable chairs, soft lighting, a yoga mat and squishy rug, and calm decor.  There is even a little Do Not Disturb sign you can hang on the door if you want privacy.



I have used it a couple of times to just go and sit and it really does feel like a soothing break from the cubicle.  I’m not sure what prompted this room renovation but, being a self-described introvert, sometimes it’s just what I need.

I’m curious, does anyone else have a quiet room or some other interesting feature in their office?

Robin Williams & Bobcat Goldthwait

12_wildcat_williams-pg-horizontalIf you are like me you may still be thinking about Robin Williams, especially on the anniversary of his death.

Well if you want to indulge that a bit and get a deeper glimpse into him as a person, listen to this touching Comedy Bang Bang podcast with Bobcat Goldthwait, (did you know they were great friends?).  He shares some sweet stories and I actually felt a little better after listening.  It seems as though Robin was going one way or another, he just chose his exit before it was too late.  He is still missed immensely.

Also, here are some comments made by his friends on Twitter and a sweet tribute video.  And here is my post from last year.

We miss you Robin…


Weight loss is all about the food?

fitbitI have been wearing my Fitbit consistently over the past week and one thing has really jumped out at me as I look at my statistics.

If you look at the two screenshots above you can see that no matter if I have an terrible day or a kick-butt day, I saw only 90 calorie difference in the calories burned!

How crazy is that!  I had some idea that food had far more impact than exercise on weight loss but seeing in black and white (or teal and orange) like this is mind boggling.

As I started researching I came across this great article by Dick Talens where he explains this phenomenon.  Here are a couple of tidbits which I found interesting:

Most of the calories we spend in a day we do so without even getting out of bed:wlbed

Here he says spend more time in the kitchen prepping your food and cooking and, whatever you do, make sure you can sustain it.wlquote

I enjoyed these tips because they encourage us to be practical.


Obviously the gym and exercise are supremely important to HEALTH so I enjoyed this:


The Fitbit is definitely getting me up and walking and taking the stairs.  So I think for now I will just ignore the calorie bit, what do you think?