Looking up

at_last_i_see_the_light_by_jucylucyinspired-d3dzldyI know when I’m getting bogged down in my own head or going through a rough patch mentally because my postings tend to fall off.  Lately I’ve been going through a bit of a career identity crisis.  I’d like to post about it here so I’m trying to collect my thoughts into some coherent topics so I don’t ramble incessantly.

In the meantime, I’m feeling a little lighter and will get back to posting things that speak to me.

I discovered this great list of 9 things professional organizers do every day.  Shockingly I do about 75% of these (ish)!  Although many of them are recent habits and I have to say, it makes a big difference, especially those neverending dishes.

Art by Pinkie Perfect


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