Wednesday Weigh-In – Getting pumped!



I made a goal for myself that I was going to try to make weight loss fun!  There are so many difficult and frustrating things about trying to lose weight but I believe it can also be fun and exciting.

Every morning I come into the office and force myself to use the stairs.  So I started thinking, what could I do to make this more fun?

1. Sing the Rocky theme song in my head.  Who doesn’t get motivated to exercise when they think of that song and that movie.  He was sexy to the ladies and men wanted to be him and everyone remembers the scene where he runs up the stairs exercising!  This really works.  It makes me smile and laugh a little and gets me up the stairs every time.

2. Pretend like someone is chasing you.  And not in the scary ‘I’m going to be attacked’ way but in the fun ‘I’m playing tag and someone’s going to get me!’ way.  Do you remember that feeling of someone running after you and how your stomach goes all oogy and your adrenaline rushes?  I can see it in my kids faces when I chase them, they love it.

3. Imagine your favorite movie about transformation.  I love a good movie about transformation.  Some of my favorites are Love Potion No. 9, The Boyfriend School with Steve Guttenberg (LOL), Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Dirty Dancing, Miss Congeniality.  Or you can imagine your favorite movie with someone exercising in it.  I like Runaway Bride and The Cutting Edge.  Sorry for the 80s and 90s movie references!  Guys can find ideas here, here and here.  This list is also really funny.

I’m sure I will think of a hundred others as soon as I post this so I’ll keep adding as I think of them.


4. Imagine the fat just melting off your body.  With each step you take, each stair you climb, each weight you lift, imagine the extra fat just slipping away.  That’s what’s happening anyway, right?  Just at a much slower pace than we’d choose.  Imagining that makes me feel sleek and strong and proud.

5. Remember that every second you spend exercising is another second that you are working toward your goal.  It won’t happen overnight but every single moment I spend taking care of myself is, in fact, progress.  This goes for so many things, getting my hair done, taking a shower, taking care of my skin, preparing healthy food, taking the stairs, parking far away from the store.  This falls in line with Roni’s #wycwyc challenge, do what you can when you can, everything is a step in the right direction.

What do you do to help you make the best choices for yourself?  I’d love to hear that as well as any inspiring movies you love!

UPDATE: I lost a few pounds!  It makes me feel good to know that I can do this without counting calories.  I’ve been eating protein combined with healthy carbs, listening to my hunger and fullness and trying to take the stairs and walk a lot!



  1. I have the theme song from Rocky on my playlist….along with Eye of the Tiger. It does help! Love your blog Mindy, thank you for sharing!


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