Looking up

at_last_i_see_the_light_by_jucylucyinspired-d3dzldyI know when I’m getting bogged down in my own head or going through a rough patch mentally because my postings tend to fall off.  Lately I’ve been going through a bit of a career identity crisis.  I’d like to post about it here so I’m trying to collect my thoughts into some coherent topics so I don’t ramble incessantly.

In the meantime, I’m feeling a little lighter and will get back to posting things that speak to me.

I discovered this great list of 9 things professional organizers do every day.  Shockingly I do about 75% of these (ish)!  Although many of them are recent habits and I have to say, it makes a big difference, especially those neverending dishes.

Art by Pinkie Perfect

Living a life worth commenting on

IMG_2657Blogging has been really fun and interesting but there are times when you’re racking your brain trying to think about what to write about.  Recently I was listening to this podcast and Pete and Ben had a conversation about improv and at one point Ben realized he was repeating himself and it was starting to get boring.

One of his wise teachers told him that he needed to take a break and go out and live.  You need something to improvise about and Pete made a great comment which was:

“You need to live a life worth commenting on.”

In that moment, that really blew my mind.  It was a reminder to me that when you are trying to be creative, you have to go out and live to stimulate all your creative neurons and inspire new ideas.

What do you do for creative stimulation?