Foggy weekend

IMG_6848A late night on Friday meant a screwed up schedule and grumpy cranky kids.  They would go from happy as a clam to screaming for nothing in 2.2 flat.  We did our best to keep it together and I even got some pretty cute pictures (we spent a lot of time in the nude as you can tell).

On Friday I read this amazing last article from a reporter who was dying of cancer and wrote a good-bye post.  It was so eloquent and touching I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  I am so sad I can’t find it right now but I will and I will post a link.

No matter how tough things got over the weekend I remembered her and changed my mindset to be thankful that I get to be alive through all the craziness.  Every moment is a gift and I will make a point to appreciate every single one.


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