Low table obsession

Ever since I thought of the idea of doing a low table to eat dinner with the kids it’s become an obsession and I’m driving my husband crazy.  I looked around for some ideas on Pinterest and found these beautiful tables:

This one makes me want to live in the country:


I love the colors in this picture.


Don’t you just love twinkle lights?


This one is so dreamy…


I love this table and I really think I could make it!


Although I would love to make my own I think it will be hard to get it done with these babies running around.  For time’s sake I went looking on Craigslist for something I could modify and I found something!

The table should be waiting for me when I get home today, I’m very excited!  Once I see it I will figure out the best way to modify it.  I hope reality matches my imagination on this one.


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