Wednesday Weigh In – My favorite snacks!

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I’ve been rocking it with the elliptical!  The other night I was bone tired.  I got on and did NOT want to keep going.  About two minutes in I was feeling so much more energy and ended up having my longest workout yet.

The scale is down and I’ve been doing well listening to my body, waiting to get hungry before eating and eating enough to satisfy but not get full.

I made this lasagna for lunch this week and it has been AH-mazing.  I’ve been trying to keep the carbs low-ish and healthy and here are some of my favorite snacks:

  • celery and hummus (the celery is crunchy and juicy and doesn’t interfere with the hummus taste at all.
  • apple and peanut butter (this gives me a little pb fix while also slowing the sugar into my bloodstream)
  • shrimp cocktail (I take it out of the freezer so by the time I eat it at lunch it’s defrosted but super cold and refreshing)
  • cheese sticks (so easy and delicious)
  • spaghetti squash w/sauce (cut an X, pop it into the microwave for 15 minutes and voila! a base for any type of sauce.  I’ve done a peanut thai sauce and spaghetti sauce and I’m dying to try this one.  The kids love to eat it too!)
  • tuna with crackers (a little smelly but so filling and scrumptious!  I put celery in there for some crunch and I loved it)
  • half a sandwich (good ‘ol standby.  I double the meat for a protein kick)
  • protein pancakes (we found this brand we love.  I made a bunch on Sunday and threw them into some ziplocks for the week.  Top with ricotta and jelly!)
  • graham crackers and pb (I dip these in hot tea.  It’s indulgent but just what I need when I want some comfort food)
  • mexican bowl (take any meat, throw in some taco sauce, quinoa, black beans, sour cream and guacamole and you’ve got a lean mean meal!)
  • yogurt (we get the fage with the fruit on the side.  It’s so nutritious and delicious, it’s a great breakfast or sweet snack in the afternoon)
  • carrots and ranch (again a little indulgent but I’m getting some veggies so I figure, it’s a win win!)
  • cottage cheese (I eat this straight but am going to try it with fruit soon.  It’s a great protein rich snack!)
  • guacamole with corn chips (this is a great post-workout nighttime snack!)

Now that I look back this is a pretty good list!  I am going to try something new this week and will report back next week with some additional options!


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