A chance encounter

I was coming off the elevator in my building yesterday and walking by me right at that moment was a familiar face from my past.  It took me a few beats to register his face, realize it was, in fact him, and then call his name.

It was my high school choir teacher!  He was one of those teachers who really had an impact on me.  I spent a lot of time in choir and with the choir people, it was almost more like a club in addition to a class.  We had a whole hodgepodge of different types of people and yet we all seemed to fit in that classroom in that moment in time.

He hadn’t changed a bit.  He had the same laughing eyes and calm demeanor.  I didn’t remember how tall he was.  It turns out his kids (the first of which was being born when I was in his class) are in college now.

The flood of emotions was immediate and strong.  It was like I was facing my youth right there in the lobby.  We spoke for a few minutes before he had to leave to meet his son who was apparently in the process of getting lost on campus.  He invited me to the holiday concert in December which I remember being truly magical.  All alumni are invited up to sing the Hallelujah chorus which I can still remember.

It was so wonderful to see his face and truly was a Throw-Back-Thursday for me.


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