Target Brand Market Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


This may seem crazy but the Target Brand Market Pantry chocolate chips have the best chocolate chip recipe.  I like to make them without chocolate chips for myself and my son and we both love them.

I’ve eaten chocolate chip cookies this way since I was a kid, my grandma used to make me a special batch.  Looks like I’ll do the same for the bear.

Here’s the recipe:

Target Brand Market Pantry
Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hands on time: 45 minutes | Total Time 45 minutes

What you’ll need

1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
3/4 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
2 tsp vanilla
2 large eggs
2 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 pkg (12 oz) semi-sweet chocolate chips

  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Beat butter, both sugars and vanilla on medium speed until creamy. Beat in eggs until light and fluffy.
  3. Blend in flour, soda and salt on low speed until mixed. Stir in chocolate morsels. Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls 2 inches apart onto ungreased baking sheets.
  4. Bake 8-11 minutes or until edges are golden brown. Cool on baking sheet 2 minutes. Remove to wire racks.

Hip Girls Guide to the Kitchen suggests rolling the dough into a log, wrapping it in plastic wrap and refrigerating it.  When it cools, unroll the log, slice it and put it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Sounds a lot faster than using a spoon!

Wednesday Weigh-In – Getting pumped!



I made a goal for myself that I was going to try to make weight loss fun!  There are so many difficult and frustrating things about trying to lose weight but I believe it can also be fun and exciting.

Every morning I come into the office and force myself to use the stairs.  So I started thinking, what could I do to make this more fun?

1. Sing the Rocky theme song in my head.  Who doesn’t get motivated to exercise when they think of that song and that movie.  He was sexy to the ladies and men wanted to be him and everyone remembers the scene where he runs up the stairs exercising!  This really works.  It makes me smile and laugh a little and gets me up the stairs every time.

2. Pretend like someone is chasing you.  And not in the scary ‘I’m going to be attacked’ way but in the fun ‘I’m playing tag and someone’s going to get me!’ way.  Do you remember that feeling of someone running after you and how your stomach goes all oogy and your adrenaline rushes?  I can see it in my kids faces when I chase them, they love it.

3. Imagine your favorite movie about transformation.  I love a good movie about transformation.  Some of my favorites are Love Potion No. 9, The Boyfriend School with Steve Guttenberg (LOL), Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Dirty Dancing, Miss Congeniality.  Or you can imagine your favorite movie with someone exercising in it.  I like Runaway Bride and The Cutting Edge.  Sorry for the 80s and 90s movie references!  Guys can find ideas here, here and here.  This list is also really funny.

I’m sure I will think of a hundred others as soon as I post this so I’ll keep adding as I think of them.


4. Imagine the fat just melting off your body.  With each step you take, each stair you climb, each weight you lift, imagine the extra fat just slipping away.  That’s what’s happening anyway, right?  Just at a much slower pace than we’d choose.  Imagining that makes me feel sleek and strong and proud.

5. Remember that every second you spend exercising is another second that you are working toward your goal.  It won’t happen overnight but every single moment I spend taking care of myself is, in fact, progress.  This goes for so many things, getting my hair done, taking a shower, taking care of my skin, preparing healthy food, taking the stairs, parking far away from the store.  This falls in line with Roni’s #wycwyc challenge, do what you can when you can, everything is a step in the right direction.

What do you do to help you make the best choices for yourself?  I’d love to hear that as well as any inspiring movies you love!

UPDATE: I lost a few pounds!  It makes me feel good to know that I can do this without counting calories.  I’ve been eating protein combined with healthy carbs, listening to my hunger and fullness and trying to take the stairs and walk a lot!

I’ve climbed as high as a helicopter!


Happy Monday everyone!  I opened my email to this little announcement this morning.  I’ve climbed 500 floors since I got my Jitbit!  That’s pretty cool.  Feeling proud this morning 🙂

Wednesday Weigh In – Ebb and Flow


I have noticed that life goes through an ebb and flow.  What matters to me today, won’t necessarily matter as much to me in a year.  What seems desperate today, won’t be a big deal tomorrow.  Sometimes that’s good, my worries lessen with time.  Sometimes not so good because my desire to backpack around Europe, once so exciting, now just seems like work.

The moment must be seized when the desire is there.  Otherwise, the desire fades without the experience to fulfill it.

I have a few big regrets that have now come to this fate. Not applying to be part of Sister Cities, not applying to more colleges farther away, not backpacking around Europe in college, not doing an interesting internship when I was young, not traveling more or going back for a masters before having kids.

There were many reasons I didn’t do the things listed above, there is no denying that.  But now that I know better, I would like to do better.  I’d like to seize my moments.  Carpe Diem, right?

Have you found the same thing in your life?  I’d love to hear.

Needless to say, I have been thinking about this a lot in the last few days since the news about Robin Williams has come out.  I really just can’t stop thinking about him.  I know there is something we are all going to learn from this tragedy.

The good news is that sometimes the desire is just in hibernation and, after a period of years, comes back in full force.  I am starting to see that happen to me.  I can feel the desires to travel and find meaningful, fun, work!  If nothing else then to show my kids that life is fun and worth living and a big adventure!

Anyway, that’s really all.  Just a reminder to myself that we want to strike while the moment is hot, get while the gettin’ is good.  I have my bucket list almost complete and will post on a new page so I can revisit every month and give myself a kick in the behind if I get off track.


As far as my weight loss, I have maintained!  I was actually happy and proud when I learned that.  I have been wearing my fitbit and trying to stay active every day.

One big development is that an elliptical machine has been ordered.  I have been anxious to start exercising again and just can’t seem to find the time during the day.  Between sleeping and working and taking care of kids, I haven’t been able to squish it in.  With the elliptical I can make it part of my nighttime routine.

More to follow!

PS I know I am posting my Wednesday Weigh In on Thursday but sometimes that’s how it goes 🙂

Wednesday Weigh In – Deserving Self Care


So it turns out that good self-care includes eating food that nourishes my body and exercising.  I don’t know why I never really put those things into the self-care category.  It was more “what I need to do to lose weight”.

Why, then, is it so hard to do?  Continue reading

Do you “should” yourself?

I read one of Karen’s latest blog posts about how we move forward.  I tend to push myself forward (you should do this, you shouldn’t do that, you need to, etc.) and I can feel the negative reaction in my body to hearing those words.

I do much better when I see something or think of something I want, and I go forward with excitement and eagerness.

There is a clear difference!

I have been making an effort to eliminate the “should” and “need to” attitude, I even try not to use those words as she suggested.  I try to replace them with “I want to” and “I’d like to”.  It really does release the urgency and opens my mind.

It pulls me forward…

I am drawn to many things, I have gotten very curious, and I get bogged down when I start to “should” myself.

Do you “should” yourself?  Do you think it will be hard to eliminate that word from your vocabulary?

Have a peaceful weekend…

photo (2)   I saw this Lao Tzu quote while sitting in a dentist chair so I had plenty of time to contemplate it.  It reminds me to take a deep breath, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and have faith that it will all work out in the end.

This weekend I am going to attempt to make my own chocolate syrup and this amazing spaghetti squash for a Thai treat.  We also have pizza and a pool party and open house at the new daycare. What are you up to this weekend?

PS Here is a wonderful post inspired by the quote above.  I am a perfect example of number 4, and I have to constantly remind myself to do number 7.

Wednesday Weigh In – How to process emotion?


One of the biggest hurdles that must be overcome on the way to normal eating is letting myself feel whatever emotion comes up.  It sounds so simple, and it is, but it’s not easy.

What happens is I have the desire to eat when I’m not hungry.  That’s my first clue that some underlying emotion is trying to tell me something.  I try to tune in but either (a) I don’t know what emotion I am feeling or (b) I DO know what emotion I am feeling but I have trouble processing it, letting it flow over me until it diminishes.

SO, what I’ve discovered this week is something called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

What I like about it is that I have a lot of mixed emotions.  For example, I want to exercise more but my actions don’t match my desire, which means I have mixed feelings about it!  This confuses me (to add to the mix).  So I imagine EFT would be really helpful to let both sides of the argument come out and eventually one of them is going to win.

It’s a pretty simple technique although requires some quiet time alone.  I can see how it will safely allow me to explore my emotions.

Many times I feel a lot of fear around expressing and feeling the emotion.  This seems like it will safely help me explore without a lot of risk.  In the meantime, I’ll come to understand my emotions more and release them!  I can see how over time the feelings will diminish, which is the whole point.

I’ve done a lot of therapy which has done amazing things for me, and I will probably do more, but I am intrigued by EFT.  There seems to be a lot of scientific evidence on the success of this technique.  I’m actually kind of excited to give it a try.  Maybe it’s just the thing I’m looking for.

I am not quite ready to share the site I found with the entire blogosphere but if you email me directly I will be happy to share.  Otherwise I think you can google it and find plenty of information.

How’s my week going?

This has been an up and down week for me.  Some wins include:

  • Consciously thinking about how much I am eating, trying to eat to satisfaction
  • Beefing up my exercise and movement, thank you fitbit!  Note on this, I am sad to say that when I don’t wear the fitbit I don’t force myself to move as much…which means it’s working?  Gotta think more on that later.
  • Reading a lot of really helpful material

Some areas to improve:

  • Didn’t make the healthiest choices
  • Still not getting my veggies in at every meal
  • Want to drink more water!
  • That’s all for this week’s Wed Weigh In!

PS I have been working on my bucket list and will post very soon!

Picture from however I am not familiar with the site.  I just liked the cute picture.

Restaurant-Worthy Meal!

I had had three Tilapia filets in my freezer for a few months and this weekend I decided we were making them!

I am not what most people (including my husband) consider a cook but I gave this recipe a shot and it was seriously restaurant-worthy.  I followed the instructions and then the suggestions made by “TAYLOR” in the Most Helpful Positive Review section.

This is the internet working at it’s best.  It came out so well that my husband and I cleaned our plates.  I like fish pretty well but he is not a fan.  And my one-year-old daughter ate it!

One of my goals is to get 14 meals we truly love and this one’s going on the list!

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture but I’m sure it wouldn’t have done it justice.  The picture above is from the recipe page (why is it so hard to take a good picture of food?).

I’m just proud of the fact that I cooked it in the first place.  Yum!

Wise words about living healthy

A quote from Karen Koenig in her blog post: What Does BMI Really Tell Us?

“What we can do to move toward health and longevity you already know how to do: eat mostly nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, reduce stress and improve at handling it, stop smoking, don’t overdo it with alcohol, have strong connections with others, and go out there and find pleasure and meaning in life. When you’re doing all of the above, you don’t need to know your weight or BMI because you’re living the most healthy lifestyle you possibly can.”

I want to read this every single day.