Wednesday Weigh In – Deserving Self Care


So it turns out that good self-care includes eating food that nourishes my body and exercising.  I don’t know why I never really put those things into the self-care category.  It was more “what I need to do to lose weight”.

Why, then, is it so hard to do? 

So over the last three days I have been doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) around this particular topic.  I am using a template because I needed some guidance at first.  It’s really just a series of tapping while you talk to yourself.

It’s a little tough not to get distracted and to really focus in and hear what I am saying but a few of the phrases that I really liked are:

  • Rationally I know I am worth being looked after, but deep down it does not feel like that.
  • I struggle so much with self-care. It’s so difficult to do, like climbing a mountain every time.

Yes and yes!  This is exactly how I feel!  This is followed up with things like:

  • This belief that I don’t deserve to be looked after, maybe it’s not true.
  • Even though I struggle to nurture myself and meet my self-care needs, I choose to know that maybe I don’t have to struggle anymore.

Taking myself through the thought process.  I feel this way, maybe it’s not true, maybe I don’t have to struggle.  Then:

  • I am asking my subconscious now to let that belief go, as it’s not a true belief.
  • I am releasing, deleting and eradicating the belief that I don’t deserve to be nurtured or looked after.

What a relief!  Finally:

  • I choose to be amazed and delighted at how easy I find it to meet my self-care needs.
  • I choose to find that I even enjoy meeting myself care needs and nurturing myself.
  • I choose to find that it is easy and effortless and enjoyable to meet my self-care needs.

How wonderful does that sound?  I would love to get to a place where I enjoy taking care of myself and I find it effortless.

I have high hopes for EFT and will continue for a while.  I want to know what this feels like and I’m willing to put the time in to find out.

How’s it going?

Besides this, I have been making an effort to be active in my daily life.  It’s tough finding 20-30 minutes for “exercise” so I’m going in the back door, taking the stairs as often as I can, playing with the kids outside, walking around the office, that type of thing.

Food’s been pretty good, trying to listen to my body.  Still need more veggies!


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