Weekly Weigh In – Self Love


I’ve been working on normal eating for over six years now.  I started the journey hoping to uncover the reasons behind my urgency to eat and I have gotten that and so much more.  I guess that’s the way it is with therapy, you start with vanity and in the end, find yourself.

Lately I’ve been struggling, though, and feeling anxious about it.  I thought it might help for me to go back through my notes and “relearn” from the beginning.  Remind myself where I started and all the things I learned along the way.  I feel like going back through will really help solidify the lessons and hopefully build my strength for the next leg of this journey, whatever that might look like.

One ah-ha moment I had early on was learning that listening to my body is a form of self love.  When I eat when I’m not really hungry and stuff myself full of food I am ignoring the signals of my body and cutting into my self worth.  I don’t feel proud when I do this, I feel shame.  So in listening to my hunger signals, as hard as that can be sometimes, and honoring them, I am showing myself love.

When I read this and really let it sink in, it felt so right.  It has kept me from overeating SO many times and also pushed me to wait just a little longer to eat until I truly felt hungry.  Every single time I do this, I feel like it builds my confidence in myself and my ability to make actual change in my life.  It was revolutionary, really.

Each week I will pull something out of the old journal and share it here.  I believe it will help me get out of this big rut!

What have you learned that really makes a big difference to you?



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