Wise words for parents and beyond


I remember watching Celebrity Rehab (yes, I watch all rehab and addiction shows…it’s an addiction…DOH!) and Dr. Drew said that addicts who have neglectful parents often do better at rehab and are more likely to kick the habit than addicts with helicopter parents.  This really shocked me!  It didn’t make a lot of sense until I heard some very wise words from a very wise woman…

Falling down is a child’s motivation to walk.  If we don’t let them fall, what reason do they have to learn?

I can’t stop thinking about this and how it is really a metaphor for so many things!  Each time I resist the urge to rush to my daughter when she falls (or my son but he really can walk pretty well now) I remind myself how much I am doing for her by not doing anything.  I am sending her the message that she is strong and able to handle the bump.  She never looks back for me wondering where I am and that makes me feel really good.

I have a feeling I will need the practice resisting my urge to save them both for all the future bumps and falls they will encounter.  I just want to protect them from everything hard.  But, in the end, I realize that really is sending the wrong message.

Have you ever heard this?  What do you think?


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