The most organized my closet has ever remained

dirty laundry

I am an organized person. I aspire to it and even have a Pinterest board to show it, but most attempts start out well and then become too difficult to maintain.  Then I ran across an idea, tried it, and it actually works…

Organizing my closet by color!  Now, this might be old news to many people, but I had never tried it before (and I’ve tried many things only to fail completely) so I’ll admit I was skeptical.

Well, this actually worked for me!  It’s easy for me to put things away, see what I have and put outfits together. My new closet has two short sections and one long so I organize by color for tops, bottoms and dresses.

It works like a charm, looks beautiful, is easy to maintain no matter how much I hate putting clothes away.

In the end, I can look at my closet and feel some semblance of order, no matter how messy the rest!  And it actually looks really pretty and calms me in the pursuit of the day’s outfit.

What about you?  Any elegant solutions to organization you could share with the organizationally impaired?

PS I was thinking about doing this with my books, too…appropriately organized or crazy OCD?


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