Mad Men – I miss you already

224164-mad-men-mad-menThe finale of Mad Men was on last night and I have so many emotions!  I’ve been reading some post finale stories this morning like this one and this one.  I so hope that Don did have some kind of revelation and it didn’t just lead to an ad for Coca-Cola.  He was always on the cutting edge of human emotion so it’s no surprise he know what people wanted at that time…what would sell.

I loved the heartrending conversations around Betty’s illness.  Sally is so grown up and mature with her dad in dealing with this secret.  She has to betray both her mother in telling him the news and him in asserting her independence even though she knows he disagrees with her, at least for a moment.  And then the scene where Don and Betty talk on he phone.  How difficult it must have been for him to hear what she said.  You could see the ache of their lost love and youth in that moment when he says “Birdie”.  Finally the scene where Sally walks in on the two boys trying to make dinner, having to be so much older than their years.  Kids are amazing.  So was Betty.  She was consistent right until the very end.

I was surprised that Peggy didn’t take Joan up on her offer to be a co-owner in the production company.  In the end, I suppose Peggy is a creative and probably would have been frustrated having to run her own business.  But I do hope for an exciting future for her and I am sure she will get it.  And it was the perfect ending for Joan. I loved seeing her excitement about her new beginning.  She wouldn’t give up, her ambition was too strong.

Nothing was better than the conversation between Peggy and Stan.  I just love how much he loves her.  He knows her, he knows every bit of her, and he loves her so deeply because of it.  We could all see her coming to the realization that she loved him and that was absolutely amazing TV.  I could feel every single dueling emotion she was feeling as she admitted her feelings while fighting them at the same time, and then finally embracing them.  They are an awesome couple and I can completely imagine their long enduring love affair.

Of course Pete goes off in a jet with his wife and daughter.  That moment when his wife gets out of the car all decked out was hilarious.  She deserved some happiness, they all did.

Finally, Roger. He’s with a woman his own age who can give him a run for his money.  What I liked best about his story is his mentorship to Peggy in the second to last episode.  I will never forget her rollerskating around the office drunk while he plays the piano (or was it an organ?) and then consequently coming into the office the next day with her sunglasses on, cigarette hanging out of her mouth and that octopus painting under her arm.  Next time I need some confidence I will imagine that I am her.

I will miss that show and have a feeling it won’t be long before I want to go back and re-watch it all over again.  Thank you for such a wonderful show!

What did you think of the finale?


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