Wednesday Weigh In

The Numbers

This week has been a success!  It helps that the scale shows a 7lb loss from last Wed. although I can’t help but feel it’s deceptive.  That being said, I’m going to choose to trust that I’m doing the right things and keep on doing them!

  • Food intake has been under control, filled with mostly protein and healthy-ish carbs.
  • Hunger has been top of mind, I’ve been using it to tell me when to eat, revolutionary, I know!
  • Fitbit has been motivating me to take the stairs, get up and walk, brave the heat and go outside.  Below is a snapshot of my week.


Areas of improvement

  • Eat more veggies!  I am setting a goal of eating at least one veggie, even if it’s a single baby carrot, at every meal.
  • Exercise!  I want to find some way to build it in to my day.  I’d love to see my active minutes go up.  I have a pathetic 22 minutes for the week, 6 minutes as a daily average.

The Emotional Side

So this is the real challenge.  I am an emotional eater and have been trying to practice normal eating for some time now.  I’d like to take this weekly post to check in on how I am doing with this side of the weight loss challenge.

As a family we’ve been going through a lot of change (new jobs, new house, new city, new schools) and it’s been overwhelming.  My emotions have been on a roller coaster. Some days I feel like “hey, this is going great, we made the right choice!” and some days I think “I wish we were back in New Orleans where life was simpler and we had our routine”.

Some days I just want to cry!

So I’ve been trying to stay with my emotions, let them float over me without judgement.  I let myself cry, I take a walk, and sometimes I fall back on old habits and eat Cheetos!

It’s hard to quantify how I am doing on this particular challenge.  But I’m going to try:

  • One post on my normal eating forum
  • Let myself cry once when I was too overwhelmed
  • Read a blog and part of an ebook on normal eating
  • Worked on my blog every day!
  • Tried once to meditate and quiet my mind when it was going in circles
  • Exercised one night when I felt I needed it



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