How a speeding ticket can help me lose weight

Woman Hanging Legs out Car Window --- Image by © Morgan David de Lossy/Corbis

I got a speeding ticket.

I was pretty upset at the time.  I’d like to say it’s because I’m too busy to take the driving class, what with two small kids and everything, and it’s expensive…but I think it’s really because I got caught!

Either way, the ticket was a blessing in disguise.  Ever since The Ticket I’ve been driving the speed limit.  And I’ve learned something amazing…


I have been SO much more relaxed while I drive.  All the tension and anxiety has just melted away.  I listen to the radio or a book on tape, or better yet, enjoy the silence.  I think about things.  I marvel at how cars weaving in and out or slow drivers just don’t bother me anymore.

Did you know you don’t really save any time by driving faster?

So how does that transfer to losing weight?  Anxiety makes me want to eat!

And much of my anxiety, I am finding, is not necessary.  If I can self-soothe my way out of anxiety, my eating should improve.

Has anyone else had this transformational experience?

Wednesday Weigh-In

My Wednesday Weigh-Ins aren’t going to be scale posts, it will be more about updates on what I have been actively doing to get healthier and becoming a normal eater.  They’ll just be bullets and possibly a post about something I have learned in the process.

This is what I have been doing this week!

  • I got a JitBit for my birthday!
  • I have been eating several small meals throughout the day, usually including healthy carbs and protein
  • I have been paying attention to my hunger.
  • I’m not ready to post my weight but will do progress pics soon!

PS Here’s a great article on Zen Driving


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