Have a stunning weekend!


Have you seen these live video feeds that come out of Monterey Bay Aquarium?  What a beautiful way to spend your day.  I really love the Jelly Cam and some very cool things happen on the Open Sea Cam.  Marine life is…stunning.


The shark and the turtle are both swimming through a huge school of fish which is parting around them!penguinAbsolutely adorable.

Book Nerds


After I had kids I really struggled to find time to read.  It was super busy and I was tired and when I finally found some time, the book was nowhere to be found.

So just recently I started going back to the library and checking out books but they were inevitably late and I started racking up library fines.  Luckily they are the most forgiving fines.  But still!

That’s when I (re)discovered Overdrive.  I had known about the app but I really started embracing it and now I am a total addict.  I love that the books just expire after 14 days so I don’t have to worry that they won’t get back on time or get lost.  They are always available to me on my phone so I can read whenever I have a spare moment (which means the book actually gets read).  And the apps allow you to adjust brightness and text size so I can read in the dark when I’m putting the kids down or in bed.

Now I have library cards in three municipalities which increases my odds of getting the books I want.  One of them uses the 3M app which apparently it has a smaller library but they are very open to requests.

If you are a book lover and haven’t tried these apps, I highly recommend them.  Although I so miss having a book to hold in my hand, the convenience of reading on my phone is too much to resist.  I guess I need to read more than I need the actual book!

Anyone else addicted?

Best gifts for a two year old girl, the answer might shock you!

islacloseMy daughter is about to turn two and I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy that she will truly love and use and not just another plastic toy that will fill up the toy bin and get played with twice a year.

Here are a few things I came up with in case you might be interested…

Cosco Step Stool

stoolShe is all about being independent so this will allow her to wash her hands all by herself and probably about a million other things like help me prepare food in the kitchen and turn on the lights.  I know she will use this multiple times a day for several years.

PS The reviews are great and someone pointed it out it can double as a seat when you run out of chairs and help you reach things on tall shelves!

Mini Mag Light

flashlightWhat kid doesn’t like a flashlight?  They could play with this all day and night.  This one is pink and benefits  breast cancer.  Can’t go wrong.

Pink Elephant Lunch Bag

lunchbagIsn’t this sweet!? Her lunch bag is too small so a new lunch bag would be a great gift.  Again, something she will use and love every single day.  Kids get very attached to their lunch bags and I can imagine her carrying this around all day.  The design is unique which means other kids in class won’t have the same thing, aka you never take the someone else’s lunch bag home on accident!  Very important with kids in daycare.

Neon Polarized Sunglasses

sunglassesThis may just be my daughter but she loves sunglasses.  Living in the desert I’d love it if she wore them every day.  I will talk to my eye doctor about the best option for a kid but this seems like a good start.  Cute and functional and I believe she’ll wear them all the time.

“Frozen” Thermos Funtainer

thermosWhat is it with Frozen, it has some serious staying power!  She loves Frozen and I want her to love her water bottle because it’s so good for her.  She’ll use this every day.  They have a ton of designs, too.

I got this same thermos for my son (Mickey Mouse design) and it keeps the water nice and cold, is fun for him to pop open, it’s very recognizable and easy to tag with their name so it’s great for daycare.  We also tote it around with us in the car to do errands and we need the water to stay cold, again, it’s the desert.

Prince Lionheart Booster Seat

boosterMy little junebug is very independent, as I said, and no longer uses a high chair but she can still fall out of the big chair.  This seems like it will be a good option to keep her strapped in and still feeling like a big girl.  Absolutely necessary and useful every day!

aden + anais Security Blankets

blanketNot all kids like the satin but she loooves it and it comforts her.  We have a lot of larger blankets but they are hot for the summer.  These little blankets are small and very light and perfect for the (desert) summer and the little elephants are so sweet.

Hmmm, just realizing there’s an elephant theme that’s starting to develop…

Painted Ukelele

ukeleleI’d love for my kids to have an interest in music so I want to surround them with instruments to play with.  This is just her size and so classic.  I’d love to learn myself!


harmonicaIn the same vein, who doesn’t love a harmonica!  This might drive me crazy but I’m willing to give it a shot.

Chatter Telephone

phoneAnd just to have a toy on the list, I had to go with the classic Chatter Telephone.  I think she will love dragging this around and dialing the phone.  I like the idea that my kids would be able to recognize the old rotary phone concept.

I could probably go on forever, especially since I haven’t even mentioned any books which she absolutely loves.  I’ll come back after a few months and let you know what we get from this list and how she liked it!

What ideas do you have that I missed?

A natural tranquilizer

November 30 download 035I recently came across a relaxation technique that I have been using nonstop called 4-7-8.  Here’s how it works, you breath in for four counts, hold for seven and breath out for eight counts.  It works wonders!  So I did a search on it and this is what I found out… Continue reading

Michael Jackson

thumbs_young michael jackson, tailored dreams

I have noticed recently that Michael Jackson has been playing all over the radio.  Has anyone else noticed this?  I figured it’s either because he’s awesome and/or something else is up.  So, of course, I Googled him and realized that the anniversary of his death is coming up at the end of the month.

I remember I was in the office when I heard the news but it was after 5pm so I went running up and down the stairs trying to find someone to talk to about it.  I had such a crush on him when I was younger and I have always felt his story was such a mix of genius and tragedy.

I found some great pictures and the below interview with him when he was a kid.  Man, he could really move…



The most versatile shoes

crocsWhen I was pregnant I was doing a lot of walking around New Orleans and I needed a pair of flats that were comfortable enough to wear all day, would look good with both skirts and pants and also be appropriate for work.  That’s a tall order for a pair of flats. Believe it or I found some great… Continue reading

Tips from Grandma Mickey

gram party 2My grandma Mickey (shown here in the middle with the glasses between her two best friends) tells the best stories, loves to laugh and actually asked the dentist to put a gap in her dentures between her two front teeth because she wanted to recognize herself in the mirror.  “I wanted to look like me!” she said.

She is almost 90 and still living alone with wonderful friends who live all around her and stop in with donuts, take her to the store and leave food on her doorstep so she doesn’t have to cook.

She is still living it up and I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

I asked her to give me some good tips that I could use as I grew older and I thought I would share a few of them on my blog so everyone can benefit!  She has no idea what a blog is but she’s about to find out!

One thing she says older people struggle with is getting their socks on.  When her boyfriend John had knee surgery, they gave him this great tool which he promptly gave to her (sweet sweet man) and she has used every single day since…

Continue reading

Amy and Ellen = Love

I’m so excited to see Trainwreck when it comes out July 17 so I was watching some Amy Schumer videos.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ellen laugh so hard.  Love them both!

Are you excited to see this, too?

Just can’t get enough

I can’t stop watching this video!  It just brightens my day up.  Love this song and Bruno Mars.

I spent a little time in Hawaii and watching him takes me back to that time, driving a two-tone yellow beetle and flashing the hang-loose sign to everyone else who had one too.  We ate a lot of rice (they eat it with every meal!) and macaroni salad and called each other ‘bra’ and were friends with someone named Ku’u’ Ipo which means my sweetheart in Hawaiian.  It’s truly a magical place.

If you want more Bruno Mars, watch his serious dance moves in this video and his tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Is anyone else obsessed?