Tips from Grandma Mickey

gram party 2My grandma Mickey (shown here in the middle with the glasses between her two best friends) tells the best stories, loves to laugh and actually asked the dentist to put a gap in her dentures between her two front teeth because she wanted to recognize herself in the mirror.  “I wanted to look like me!” she said.

She is almost 90 and still living alone with wonderful friends who live all around her and stop in with donuts, take her to the store and leave food on her doorstep so she doesn’t have to cook.

She is still living it up and I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

I asked her to give me some good tips that I could use as I grew older and I thought I would share a few of them on my blog so everyone can benefit!  She has no idea what a blog is but she’s about to find out!

One thing she says older people struggle with is getting their socks on.  When her boyfriend John had knee surgery, they gave him this great tool which he promptly gave to her (sweet sweet man) and she has used every single day since…

It’s a Formed Sock Aid with Foam Grip Handles!  She says “Every time I use it I think of my mother and how much she would have loved this.  Someone was always around to help her with her socks but what would she do if nobody was there?”

You slide the sock on to the end and then slide your foot into the open end while you hold the foam handles.

rigid sock aid

So now you all have the perfect gift for the elderly loved one in your family!  And anyone with knee issues.

Thanks Grandma Mickey!

Has anyone ever used one of these?  I think it’s genius.

PS My first search for info on this was sock slide.  The result wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it was fun nonetheless!


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