The most versatile shoes

crocsWhen I was pregnant I was doing a lot of walking around New Orleans and I needed a pair of flats that were comfortable enough to wear all day, would look good with both skirts and pants and also be appropriate for work.  That’s a tall order for a pair of flats. Believe it or I found some great… …Crocs!  I wear them nonstop and get compliments all the time, people really love the pattern and are shocked when they find out they are Crocs.

I use them in the morning to drop the kids off at school and during the day if I go for a walk around campus.  While at work I have shoes under my desk I can wear if I need to dress up a little more, otherwise I feel comfortable wearing them around the office.

I also want to try these and for guys, these look great and super comfy!

Anyone else have a great comfy flat recommendation?


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  1. I purchased another pair of Crocs (flat sandals) when I went to Thailand a couple months ago. I was trying to find the same thong sandals I purchased a few years ago, but couldn’t find them.


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