Baby shoes for chubby feet


As Isla begins walking, she really needs some shoes to protect her adorable little feet.  Unfortunately, because her feet are adorably chubby, it’s hard to find a shoe that gives her flexibility and doesn’t confine her feet or squish them!

I tried Crocs but they did not stretch like I expected them to and they seemed to be too rigid.  She would wear them but she didn’t seem to like it.

She was going barefoot a lot of the time and, while I love that and would prefer it, the ground here in Arizona can get up to 135 degrees in the summer!  Then she got a cut on her toe and her daycare started putting a sock just one one foot so she was walking around like a baby shoeless joe!

I remember reading that moccasins are great footwear for kids and I went on the hunt.  I found some adorable options on Etsy and measured her foot and put in a custom order with Jen Galaxy.

I anxiously awaited their arrival and I was not disappointed!  They are bright and sweet and she loves wearing them.  They don’t squish her foot and she seems really comfortable and happy with them on.  When she woke up the next day after wearing them for the first time, the first thing she did was grab them and stick her foot out so I could put them on her.


So if you are looking for shoes that fit your baby’s chubby feet, I highly recommend some buttery soft moccasins!


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