How to gain perspective when things are tough



Anytime I feel my life isn’t where I want it to be or things seem especially difficult, I am going to think of the pictures I looked at today on the thought-provoking Humans of New York site.  The amazing photographer has gone abroad with the UN and shares the most unbelievable pictures and stories.

Each story gives me pause and perspective.  They help me remember I’ve got it pretty good, no matter how hard things seem in the moment.

Here’s an interesting news story about the Humans of New York UN project.

Have you seen these pictures already?  What did you think?



  1. Oh my gosh, Goh, I couldn’t stop reading. It really hits home to read personal stories rather than reading or watching a news story. I can’t imagine going through what some of these people do, and they keep on living.


  2. I love HONY! I agree that it gives you so much perspective. I’ve learned so much from their partnership with the UN and being overseas.


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