Simply Genius – What to do when you run out of ice

Over the weekend my husband helped my dad move 50 feet from one condo to another condo in his complex.  Surprisingly tough work in the Arizona heat.

Afterward I joined them for lunch and my dad served me the above glass of iced tea with a genius twist.  Rather than using ice cubes, he had filled the glass with an inch of water and put it in the freezer!

I couldn’t get over how simple and how genius this idea was.  I had to take a picture and share.

I thought once it melted and floated to the top I would try to take a drink and get a face full of iced tea.  NOT SO.  The cube simply floated to the bottom as I drank and left a clear easy path for the liquid.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention.  The reason he came up with this idea is because he ran out of ice and didn’t want to leave the house to get more.

I love it.


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