Her first word!

photo 1


Isla said her first word today!  She’s been saying nononono and mamamamam and dadadada for a while but this morning we were all watching Dora the Explorer and she came out with

Backpack!  Terry and I couldn’t believe it.  We both did a double take, could it be possible she just said “backpack”??  Of course then we just kept repeating and repeating the word to try to make her do it again, and she did!!!  It was precious and, of course, warranted a big hug and kiss.  Charlie wasn’t too impressed, though.  He just kept right on watching.

Here they are over the weekend playing with rocks.  We could not keep them out of those rocks!  They kept putting them in their mouths and spitting them out.  Is rock eating normal in small children?

photo 2



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