Motherhood Monday – Sibling debacles and great site!


We’ve been having a little trouble in our household with pushing and hitting.  After this past weekend I decided to start the Google search to see how we can handle it better.

I love the internet when it comes to parenting, there are some wonderful experts out there that help me learn how to do things in a new way that help me stay true to who I WANT to be as a parent 🙂

In my search I found this great site that has all kinds of videos with topics of every kind. They are all really insightful and short enough for parents with little kids.

I was able to get some perspective on the issue and help in elevating my thought process in handling these sibling issues.

Two experts I love already are  Shefali Tsabary, PhD and  Gila Brown, MA.  They give me hope that I can be the parent I want to be.

Luckily my kids also really love each other so I have no doubt this stage will pass, but I’d like to do it with some grace!

On a fun note, have you seen Hank Azaria’s web series about parenting?  I love it.  Here is a funny (and informative!) video about toddler sharing.


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