It’s okay to be mediocre or even fail


One thing I’ve been working on for years now is being okay with being mediocre.  What does that mean?  It means that someone else is always going to be better than me.  It means that it’s okay not to be the best.  It’s okay, even important, to do something that I like, just because I like it, even though I’m not the best and never will be.

Take this blog.  I don’t think I’m the world’s best writer.  Sometimes I start a post to find out that I really have no idea what point I am trying to make.  But I enjoy writing and thinking about topics and coming up with ideas and making something I can complete and look at and think, hey, I put something new out into the world, even if it’s not that great.

Maybe, just maybe, if I keep working on it and keep writing and keep enjoying this, it will eventually turn into something that actually has some kind of collective substance.  Or maybe it won’t but I will surely learn a lot along the way.

The point is to bring joy into my life.  I want to do the things on my bucket list, the things that I have in my head.  I want to be silly and serious and learn new things and have new experiences.  I want to shape my life rather than letting it shape me.

And one of the things that is helping me do that is this blog.  So, there it is, I am going to keep working on this blog and let it bring me joy even if it never turns into anything more than a source of fun for me.

What do you want to try just for the fun of it even though you will never be the best?



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